I worked closely with Ali for five years at the BBC, where she ran my development unit. She was my immediate and first choice to run the unit, since I'd seen her knowledge and energy close up in all aspects of TV production during my time at the BBC. Ali built the unit up into a highly motivated, super-efficient, ultra-enthusiastic group of talented programme makers, and she was instrumental in developing such shows as 'The Thick of It,' 'Time Trumpet,' 'Genius with Dave Gorman,' and 'Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle.'  She has an amazing facility with every aspect of production, from budgeting, commissioning, staffing, writing, directing, editing, producing, and above-all, extraordinary people skills. 
She was amazing at finding new talent, at pushing them to take risks, at developing their skills (e.g. Gareth Edwards, now directing Star Wars, Ben Wheatley, now directing High Rise). She has seen and done every aspect of Television, and done it amazingly well, and she has always retained an enthusiasm and passion for the industry that is infectious.  I've seen close up how Ali loves to nurture and enthuse young people and get them motivated, (e.g. young director Will Smith who she brought on as my research assistant and is now directing comedies in LA) and seen her talk with passion about the craft that she loves. I'd have no hesitation in recommending her; anyone who takes her onto his or her team will be very fortunate indeed.
Ali Carron successfully steered the first series of our CBBC comedy "Millie Inbetween" as Series Producer, and the series was a huge hit with the audience. Ali would be a great asset to any production. She is dedicated, hard working, passionate, creative and great with talent and the wider team.
PATRICK YOUNGE - former Chief Creative Officer BBC Television Production
Ali is a talented and highly experienced producer. She is creative, innovative and great fun to work with. Good leadership skills, understands how to manage talent and always delivers.
ANNE BROGAN – Kindle Entertainment
Ali was one of the producers on the hit family comedy Hank Zipzer featuring Henry Winkler 'the Fonz'. She was a delight to work with bringing huge passion and commitment to the show as well as wealth of experience in comedy. She was always across the detail but never lost sight of the big picture either. I could not recommend her more highly and would love to work with her again.
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